12/15/96 Jenny & Dave Bern

Dear Nachamsons: Dave & I are proud to announcement of Laurie's marriage to Michael Christ on Novemenber 23, 1996 in Maui,Hawaii. The wedding was so beautiful and the bride was "to die for". I must be partial? NOT.

After the wedding and rounds of Golf to celebrate the nuptials, we caravaned up the Haliakalia (spelling is definitely incorrect) Crater with all the Bern Clan, kids, grand kids, spouses for a week at the Silver Cloud Ranch in UPCOUNTRY- in Kula at the top of the crater. It was a great week and it was the first for the Berns.

Then we all went to LA for the Reception for all of Laurie and Mike's friends. The kids planned the wedding, Reception, and all the arrangements....it was just first class!...I just wrote the checks. So, Mr. & Mrs. Crystl are living and loving in Encino, CA. I can't believe my baby Laurie is a married woman. Soon...but not too soon, I hope, will be little "Naomi & Leon Nachamsons/Schneiders/Chrystls" at the UN Reunions! Dave & I already have 5 grandchildren..We're amazed.

Now about my daughter, Genel. She's working for a writer of childrens' books. She's his distributor, etc. Loves the job and has really flourished. More news: Dave & I have sold our business to FDC(First Data Corp) and we're on a two year contract to work..then in 1 year, 10 months, and 16 days...we retire in Pelican Landing, Bonita Beach. We're also building a house in Pelican Landing and we've taken up golf and loving it. All our kids are playing also, so it's become a family thing. Thats the news from beautiful downtown Cape Coral. (I wish I knew how to do spell checker for EMail-anyone out there know how-or art or graphics..all help is welcomed! SO WHATS NU WITH YOU? Jenny & Dave