12/15/96 Eli Evans

We all sensed that the ceremony inducting Harold to the Wall of Fame in Huntington was going to be one of those magical evenings of unjustifiably-delayed long overdo recognition events as the town rose up to say "Welcome Home, Harold. We Miss you. We Love you." Bob and I joined Linda and Alan and Alexis and Dodi and Harold just to be there to see it happen. I hope all the others who were there will add there impressions because it was a magical evening. And they put Harold's picture and a summary of his service to Huntington right up there smack dab in the middle of a giant wall at the entrance of the Civic Center where he belonged. Everybody in town was there, all dressed up and Harold and the other men who were being inducted all wore tuxedos(the female inductee looked great, too.) It was also Harold's 80th birthday that night, so they all stood and sang Happy Birthday to him, and asked Dodi to stand, as well, for another ovation. This all happened because Linda put together a beautiful irresistible application notebook with letters of endorsement, clippings, detailed history. She was daughter of the year on this one. Harold was flying; Alexis said he was "Granddaddy times ten" that night. He made a beautiful speech of acceptance and the next day, Dodi put on a gorgeous luncheon for about thirty of their friends, before which, at Bob's urging, we all stood and sang "Let's Go to Frankels; Buy the Family's Clothes at Frankels: 1033 Third Avenue, in the middle of the block." And Emmett, who worked for Harold for 30 years was there, too; Hey, guys, add to this. The whole family should share in the nachas.