01/03/96 Elise Leibs

Happy Holidays to you!

1996 has really flown by - it's been a good year for us . . . As you can see from the enclosed picture, Devin is growing up fast. she's 16 months of fun, sweetness and high energy (can't imagine where she gets that!). And of course, she's brilliant. Truly, Devin is our special blessing. You should see what daddy's girl she is. Health wise, we're all doing well, thank goodness. Louis changed jobs within his company this year and is enjoying the challenge of doing and learning new things. Business has been good for Elise. Most of her clients have been in town, so she's not traveling as much . . . makes "mommy-ing" much easier.

Hope all is well with you all. We wish you a wonderful, prosperous and healthy 1997