01/03/96 Family Reunion Announcement

Dear Family,

THE 1997 UN REUNION SET FOR LAST WEEK IN JUNE. Save the dates -- THURSDAY, JUNE 26 TO SUNDAY, JUNE 29, 1997. Where? Hold on.

The date is set, the specifics are not.

We're working on a change in venue to the New York area if we can do it for approximately the same cost as Florida. And like Florida, low airfares are ususally available. Several of us are working on this. NOW.

Ideally, we'll find just the right place -- not more than 1/2 hour from the city -- with a pleasant facility, a wonderful family room, and access to New York. Family excursions might include:

..... 1) a trip together to Ellis Island;

..... 2) a boatride just for us around New York (Linda's health club has a boat just the right size -- not expensive, that does brunch, lunch, and dinner cruises around the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, up the East River, and the Hudson River by the Intrepid.)

..... 3) a Vietnamese feast in Chinatown (like the one Linda did recently with a huge table full of Naxons recently -- did we ever have fun!!! But just be sure you don't take time to talk. Oh how that food disappears!).

..... The possibilities are endless. It really doesn't have to be more expensive than Florida. Of course the goal is to be together.

..... Why are we looking at a change?

..... The place we loved in St. Pete Beach is undergoing a transition. They are turning "our" family room into a banquet facility and they want $3000 per day for using it. Alan did wonderful things to make that reunion so successful. The family room, its layout, ease of use, etc., helped make that reunion so successful. Strange but true. We've had some others that simply did not facilitate togetherness. On the contrary, they discouraged it. Not what we need.

..... Many of us have expressed displeasure with the heat/humidity index in Florida during the month of June. It's wonderful to have a beach and an ocean, but few people went out of doors. Combine this with storms and huricanes and frizzy hair, and you'll find many of us ensconsed in AC comfort. (O.K., speak for myself.)

..... So why not continue our roots with this port of entry if we can make it happen? And those of you who want to really do New York can come earlier or stay later. You could probably find a free room or two for layovers with known family in the area, as well!

..... Plus, Linda, Elaine, Jennifer and Eli are all here in the area to help make it happen. Jennifer? Jennifer? Are you on line yet?

..... Anything you'd like to suggest, add, change? Please get to me by E-mail, snail mail or phone.


Linda (and Elaine)