01/16/96 Bob Evans

Jason Evans and Kathy Evans have had a baby boy. Came into the driveway of life on January 8, 1977, at 5:01 p.m. weighing a husky 9' 2" and measuring just under 21 inches. Lying in his bassinette in the first hour, he looked as if you straightened out his arms to the top and legs to the bottom, he could reach both ends of the bassinette.

Noting his long fingers, I said to Jason, "Think you've got a 6 foot 6 inch small forward who can palm the basketball ?" (Jason loves Duke basketball second only to his family, but sometimes we may doubt even that priority). Someone else added, "Maybe with long arms he'll stretch for a massive first service and have a great overhead game." (Kathy's father was a championship tennis player with titles, trophies, et al). And then Kathy's mother said, "With those long fingers, he'll have to play the piano."

Just imagine, this kid wasn't 75 minutes out of the garage and he was already projected as a basketball player, a tennis whiz, or a a pianist. Talk about a Jewish agenda for overachievement.

Both Mom and Dad doing great. And Jason is already a diaper changing connoisseur. That not only implies speed but good taste and great hands...just what a hoops daddy should be.

Thanks again for your message.

Best, BobEvans speaktobob@aol.com