08/01/96 Adam Naxon

Hey Nachomsons, This is Adam in Dallas my e-mail address is anaxon@aol.com Just a few days ago I got Bill on the internet his address is Bill Naxon@aol.com He is new at this so it may take him some time to get up to speed. Ella, David and I are all doing well and we hpoe to see everyone at the next reunion. I am glad that we got a Nachamson home page it it great to be able to get everyones e-mail. (thanks Alan). JASON, I was at work a few weeks back sitting around with bunch of my co-workers watching CNN when lo and behold you popped up on the tube asking Chris Darden some question. I said to the guys " That's my cousin" One of the black guys said "Yeh, and Chrisopher Dardon is my cousins." I got a real kick out seeing you and your sister on CNN. Just thought I let you know that you were seen. Well thats about all from here except for Seth and Kim's news. Love to everyone. Adam, Ella, and David