08/01/96 Linda Frankel

Seth and Kim had a new baby girl yesterday: Leah Elizabeth! Congratulations and much love to all the Naxons. New York news: Shaina is coming to visit tomorrow for a week. Eli and family are at the Olympics (I think they are still away), Jennifer, Mark, Eve and Paul had a wonderful seafood dinner together last week. Juliana will be in New York this weekend and will see Shaina and Linda. Lori called me from JFK on her way to Paris (I was out), Jill and almost all of the family were here for a Jacoby bar mitzvah early in the summer, Elaine has gone to Maine for the next month, Elya, Bill, Eli, Judith, Joshua, Elaine and I spent a glorious day picnicing and laughing in Central Park in June, Dodi (Mother) visited me a few weeks ago and we painted the town, Alan should come visit, and it's raining outside! NOTE: Alan has done a wonderful job on our web site -- really something to be proud of. I'm beginning to work on a family health profile to benefit each and every one of us, our children, and our children's children. More in a few days. I will call on a few of you to ask for help, and I'll call on ALL of you to reply/comply as speedily as possible. More later.