08/05/96 Jason & Kathy Evans

Jason here. I just checked out the web page and I love it! Great work buddy! I firmly believe this will help all of us feel closer. Lets face it, I get on the 'net and check out my usual haunts much more often than I get to speak to most of the family. This way, family news and notes and interaction can become part of my usual haunts. I think it is just great... That said, I just sent Linda a bunch of news about goings on here in Atlanta. I am sure she will forward it to you, but key among all of it is the following:...... -- Kathy is pregnant. About 4 months pregnant. We are expecting a bouncing new Nachamson on about January 22nd. Exciting! I may be wrong, but I think this will be the first great-great grandchild of Eli and Jenny. I am probably wrong, because I get generations confused, but I know it will be the first great-grandchild of Sarah and EJ....... Kathy's job with the Olympics is over (because the games are over). She is now going to concentrate on baby-proofing our house and becoming a mommy. Work can come anytime, being a parent for the first time only happens once...... I am about to start on a new project for work. I will be producing the highest-profile news program CNN-International has ever attempted. It is called "Insight" and will be modeled very similar to Nightline. We are launching the show in September. I am very honored they picked me to create and craft the show on a daily basis. .... Aside from that, all is normal. HaHa! ...... Talk to ya soon! ..... --Jason.