08/12/96 Jenny & David

M Jenny & Dave are leaving in 15 minutes for a week in L.A. to celebrate Laurie's engagement to Mike Crystal. The wedding will be in December...no big splash, just a very small gathering..no plans are set yet. The Berns Clan is having a family reunion in Maui for Thanksgiving and all 21 members of the Berns are attending. This is a first for this family and we're all real excited about seeing each other together like the Nachamsons have been doing before I was even born! I'll try and call Jeffrey Evans in LA when I'm there- we're staying at the Century Plaza Hotel in LA-phone #(310)277-2000-call us if we can't reach you (by the way, Jeffrey, they are looking at a house in Calabasas..he's a mortgage broker). Jeffrey, I don't think I have your correct phone number, but I'll call information and try to get in touch! Congradulations on the upcoming nuptials! We'd love to get together with you and Laurie (she spells it just like my Laurie). We just discovered this capability for the UN on a WEB page..Aunt Dodi just mentioned it to us last night..we can't wait to keep in better touch with all of "youse" Nachamsons! Gotta go..Uncle Harold is here to take us to the Airport..you know the Frankel LIMO service..he's a gem for schleping us to the Airport all the time. More later..probably when we get home in a week!