09/17/96 Alan Frankel

Anybody out there? Don't we have any family nerds or tecno savy relatives? Dodi serfs the net. She and Harold even have their own site (click here). Thanks for those who have participated. If you're reading this, call a cousin, aunt, nephew or neice, friend..... and tell them how to get on this thing.

Alexis is back at UNC. Spent most of the summer with her mother in Niger, Togo, and Guanna. Did some trekking in the west African rain forests. She made straight A's last semester. She and her roommate, Geetha, along with two male friends, came to visit for spring break (old news). I'm set for a visit to UNC campus Oct 3rd weekend and will sit in on two of her classes. I'm really excited about that...... cause they're her classes and cause I went to Chapel Hill too. I haven't sat in a classroom in a few years...... I'm working hard in my business, spending lots of hours and have enjoyed putting this web site and my business site, Resource Dynamics, together. I LOVE where I live. Here's a picture of what I see from my office (in my house) window. So, whose gonna visit? .... speaking of which, Shaina and Aaron (I haven't met him yet) are coming to Florida to visit me, Dodi, and Harold.

Well, Shana Tova to you all.