09/22/96 Dodi Frankel

Hi, everybody. I'm probably one of the oldest computer junkies out there, but here I am, in all my glory. Those of you who belong to the net, please pull up my Real Estate personal page. It's http://FL.living.net/Realtor/1063943 There's a picture of Harold and me and some info about our company and what we do. In the new few weeks I am going to get several of our listings on there with photos and one of them will really interest all of you.

The best news I have to tell you is that Harold and I have finally set a date to retire. I think it's about time, don't you? No sooner did we make that decision than suddenly our business picked up and we're having one of our best years ever. I'm grateful for that as it will sure help our little nest egg, but I'm also really looking forward to thinking about what I would like to do instead of what I have to do every day. Next spring is the target and we are planning to move to the East Coast in July. I still love Cape Coral and I know I swore I would never live on the East coast. But this is different..... it is nothing like the Miami or Lauderdale area. It's called Century City and is in Pembroke Pines, which is west of Hollywood and far, far away from the maddening crowd (it's just off I-75) and a beautiful place. Best of all, the Wynns are moving there too. Their building will be ready in March but we won't get into ours (right next to theirs) until July. We've decided we want to be with family for the years we have left. We've reserved our condo and so have the Wynns. Maybe the Stewarts will join us there before too long. Wouldn't that be wonderful!!!

The next news is that Harold has just had a wonderful honor bestowed on him. The City of Huntington has elected him to the "Wall of Fame" which means his picture will be hung on a wall in the Huntington Civic Center. He will be honored at a formal dinner in Huntington on October 25th. What they don't know is that that happens to be his 80th birthday. Isn't that something? We will be going up there, of course, and Linda and Alan are coming. He is so thrilled and can't believe this is really happening. His heart is still in Huntington to some extent.

And lastly, my grandchildren ! ! ! Alexis is back at Chapel Hill for her second year. She made all A's last year and had enough credits to go back as a Junior (she just turned 18) but she wisely chose to be a sophomore so she can relax more, have fun, and still make all A's. Bright kid! Shaina has just about finished her work in Boise and has also done very well. She is coming in the end of next week for a visit with us and I am so looking forward to it. Haven't seen her since last summer in New York. She is going to Long Island next month to take a special prep course for her entry exams to Law School next fall. What's really nice is that Eli has invited her to use his home in Long Island while she's there. How could it get any better? She hopes to get into Vermont as it has one of the best Environmental Law schools in the country, and that's what she is going into. Eve and Paul were just here for a visit but it was so quick I felt like I hardly got to see them. They promised they are coming back for a month this winter. Enough of this..... I feel like I am writing one of my old family newsletters "Dodi's Digest" Enjoy all the news from Jeffrey and Jason Evans and Adam Naxon. Congratulations on your wedding, Jeffrey. Hope you had a great honeymoon in Israel. And Jason, let us know when your new program starts. Harold watches CNN all day long. Also thrilled to hear about the new Nachamson bakin in the oven. Hate to disappoint you but the Madalia/Rosenberg clan were the first to bring another generation into the world. . Adam, please tell Seth and Kim congrats on the new arrival and give them our love. The rest of you out there, shame on you for not writing for the Nachamson page. (I'm just getting around to it myself). Alan really worked hard on this and did a wonderful job, so get with it ! I'm feeling much better these days and Harold joins me in sending love to all.... Your Ever-lovin' Aunt Dodi....guess I'm the only member of my generation on the net.