10/13/96 Kenny & Patti Wynn

WELL HOPPING HYPERTEXT! A Nachamson family home page!!! Hi Y'all... Miami here! This is that crazed rad windsurfing dude from outer cyberville...that whacky Uncle Kenny. Alan has done a fantastic job with this page!!!Keep up the great work!I really miss all of you and I am going to make every effort to attend the next reuion.Our family is amazing and keeps growing and growing.Looking forward to it.! Patti and I doing fine.She is managing three shopping centers now.I don't how she does it but she does it quite well for 19 years now.As for me;after 19 years in the home appliance industry, I have embarked on a new career with a partner I grew up with.We make television commercials for cable TV on Apple computers. I really love it and it gets better but the learning curve is killer.Many graphic programs. Harold and Mary are doing great and are looking forward to moving north of Miami. I'm glad Dodi & Harold,Eve and Paul will join them there in the coming year. This is great Alan!! Talk to you soon! Love,Kenny and Patti :-)
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